Millions could save up to £570 a year with a cheap broadband rate – check if you can get it now


MILLIONS of households could save up to £570 a year with a cheap broadband rate.

People with low incomes can benefit from a special tariff – called social tariff – on their broadband bills.


You can save hundreds by switching to a social rate, if you are eligibleCredit: PA

Switching to these offers can save those who qualify up to £144 a year.

Thousands of people on Universal Credit or other benefits could be missing out on big savings.

Ofcom says only around 55,000 out of 4.2 million households that are eligible for the cheapest rate can benefit from the offer.

But the provider Community Fiber claims to offer a broadband offer for low-income households that is “the most affordable on the market”.

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He said that unlike other providers, who require you to show your financial status when applying, you don’t have to do the same when applying for his deal.

He said you could save nearly £600 by signing up for the service compared to similar offers on the market which are non-social rates.

For example, subscribing to the most expensive fiber broadband plan – Virgin Media’s Gig1 fiber broadband plan – will cost you £60 per month, or £720 per year.

That’s £570 per month more expensive than Community Fibre’s plan is £12.50 per month, and you can sign up for a 12 month contract.

Its Essential plan is also up to £90 a year cheaper than social rate plans offered by BT, Virgin and Sky.

That’s £2.50 less than BT’s Home Essentials plan, which is £15 a month, and £7.50 less than Sky’s Broadband Basics plan of £20 a month.

It’s also £2.50 less than Virgin Media’s Essential Broadband plan at £15 a month.

This means that each year you’ll save £30 compared to signing up for BT or Virgin Media, and £90 compared to Sky.

However, not everyone will be able to sign up for the deal, even if they are eligible.

This is because Community Fiber is only available in London.

You can check if you can get the deal by using the broadband provider’s postcode checker service on their website.

You can then subscribe to the offer on the Community Fiber site.

When you apply, you do not have to provide proof that you are receiving income assistance.

However, it is important to consider the quality of service you will get if you are considering trading.

Community Fiber’s offer comes with download speeds of 10Mbps, while BT and Sky’s plans are around 36Mbps, Virgin Media’s is around 15Mbps, according to Ofcom estimates .

Commenting on the deal, Uswitch broadband expert Ernest Doku said: “At £12.50 per month, Community Fibre’s Essential plan is slightly cheaper than the social rates offered by the major networks and would allow to save at least £30 on his 12 month contract.

“Customers looking to cut costs will also appreciate the free router and installation.

“However, the 10Mbps speeds it offers are also slower than some competitors, notably Hyperoptic, which has a social rate of £15 per month delivering 50Mbps, availability permitting.”

It comes as new plans will allow struggling broadband and mobile customers to switch to cheaper deals without paying hefty exit fees.

Upgrading to a better deal when you’re on contract can cost you hundreds – but telecoms giants BT, Sky, Virgin Media O2, TalkTalk and Vodafone have said they will scrap these charges.

How can I reduce my broadband bill?

If the duration of your contract is exceeded, you can compare the offers and change the contract.

If you are happy with your supplier you should try to negotiate your bill – you can save £250 by doing this.

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For those who don’t qualify for social tariffs, we explain a simple check that could save you £200 a year on your internet bills.

Plus, here’s how you can upgrade to mid-contract broadband at no cost as a provider.


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