UPERC will disregard UPPCL tariff hike plan


UPERC on Tuesday held a public hearing on UPPCL’s proposed Annual Revenue Requirement (ARR) to seek input from stakeholders before the commission announces the Electricity Tariff Order for 2022-23 next month

The UP Electricity Regulatory Commission (UPERC) has indicated that it may not consider UP Power Corporation Ltd’s (UPPCL) proposal to amend existing rate bands to increase utility rates. electricity through the back door.

UPERC on Tuesday held a public hearing on the UPPCL’s Annual Revenue Requirement (ARR) proposal to seek input from stakeholders before the commission announces the electricity tariff order for 2022 -23 next month.

UPERC President RP Singh paused as the UPPCL began to present its proposal to modify the slabs. He said there was no point in pushing for slab changes when a proposal to do so was submitted to the commission before the ARR was accepted. He also pointed out that the proposal was not published in the newspapers before the public hearing.

“It seems that UPERC has foiled UPPCL’s offer to raise the tariff,” said UP Rajya Vidyut Upbhokta Parishad Chairman Avdhesh Kumar Verma, who was present at the public hearing.

Although the UPPCL has not proposed any direct tariff increases this year, it wants changes to the tariff structure in a way that will increase its overall revenue by negatively impacting the approximately 90,000 domestic and commercial consumers for whom the charges units will increase.

Verma asked UPERC to lower the tariff in accordance with its earlier order which stated that UPPCL had overcharged 22,045 crores of consumers over the years by getting more rate increases than needed to meet its revenue needs.

He also said that the UPPCL should provide free electricity to farmers as promised by the ruling party in its manifesto.

UPERC has convened a state advisory committee meeting here on June 27 to discuss UPPCL’s proposed ARR, after which it could announce the rate order with or without revisions by the second week of July.

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