Solar feed-in tariffs may soon disappear, Letters to the Editor, January 24, 2022 | Mercury of Illawarra


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Like most people, we have invested in solar panels, spending thousands of dollars thinking of relief through solar gain credits. In 2020, our electricity retailer gave us 21 cents per kwh for Solar FIT. In 2021, it was reduced to 17 cents. We have been advised that the maximum they will give us now is 5 cents per kwh for 2022. We keep hearing that electricity charges are going down, not knowing where or how our usage rate has been 28 cents kwh over the past 3 years and remains the same. Our bill has gone up instead of down. I don’t know where the responsibility lies, the NSW government or the retail suppliers. We need to get answers because the direction Solar FIT is going, we won’t be getting FIT in the near future. Terry Stretton, Dapto For the Year 10 Advisor: Please bring little Dominic back to school after his work experience as Prime Minister. He did not do well and brings the school into disrepute. Make sure he doesn’t leave school again for any reason and I’ll see if we can get him transferred to public school later. For Year 12 Counselor: Please call young Scotty and explain to him that although he is the captain of the school, he cannot keep writing the same answer to different questions on his exam. People are starting to notice that he may not be completely comfortable in his areas. We probably also have to consider sending her to that Hillsong school down the street where singing at parties might suit her style. Phil Hirst, Wollongong Your correspondent Peter Simpson gave a very accurate and damning summary of Australian companies’ double standard towards older workers. Companies only want young workers to fill the positions and continually turn their backs on hiring nearly all of the hundreds of thousands of fully capable, ready and willing people to go to work. Perhaps Scott Morrison would like to explain why he wants to let hordes of foreign workers into Australia on the one hand, and shows absolutely no interest in helping our unemployed on the other. Dave Cox, former Corrimal NSW Minister Andrew Constance, is portraying himself as a bushfire reshaped man, an independent man, everyone, while running as a Liberal candidate for Gilmore. Sure, he seems like a nice guy, but as Transport Minister he wasn’t cut out for that. No more than the trains, ferries or trams he bought abroad. He is fleeing a disaster that has cost NSW taxpayers billions of dollars and left them with a crippled transport system. Hasn’t the LNP already filled its quota of incompetents? Geoffrey Dyer, Bundanoon Got something to say? Write us a letter below:




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