Prisoners suspected of drug trafficking inside a baby who ended up dead

The body of a little boy was found in a Mexican prison with an incision in the abdomen.

The body of a little boy was found in a Mexican prison with an incision in the abdomen. Here, a Mexican inmate in his cell. PJULIO CESAR AGUILAR/AFP via Getty Images)

MEXICO CITY — A dead child found in a trash can inside a notorious Mexican prison has fueled allegations that the child’s body may have been used to smuggle drugs into the facility.

The body of a little boy was discovered with an incision in the abdomen inside the prison of San Miguel in the state of Puebla, according to the state government. The suspicious circumstances of the child’s death have led to speculation that the child was used as a human drug mule, although the state government said it was still investigating the incident.

The baby, whose identity and family remain unknown, was discovered a little over a week ago by an inmate who was looking for plastic bottles in the trash can of the prison in the eponymous capital of Puebla. Initial reports said the baby was three months old when he died, but the state government recently claimed he was just six days old.

The news went unreported for several days until Reinserta vzw noticed the detail in a short clip in the local press and began to investigate. Reinserta works with the country’s prison population and focuses primarily on children who are raised behind bars with their incarcerated parents. The organization also runs programs that help young offenders reintegrate in society after his release.

reinsert issued a statement saying they “strongly condemn” the state government for this “heinous act”.

“Authorities are completely overwhelmed and complicit in the corrupt acts occurring inside the prison,” the statement said.

The group alleged that the San Miguel prison had been overrun by the inmates who now produced drugs within its walls, regularly brought in sex workers to service them, and even ran dogfighting game rings inside. interior. They then alleged that the dogs killed in those fights were thrown in the trash, as was the dead baby.

Saskia Niño de Rivera, co-founder of Reinserta, appeared on Mexican news network Milenio and called the government response to the death of the “absurd” baby.

She suggested that the incision on the baby’s abdomen indicates that the child “could have been used to bring drugs inside the prison.

She also expressed outrage that the government doesn’t seem to know how the baby got into the prison.

“How come the authorities didn’t realize that a minor came in – alive or dead – and never came out of the prison,” she said.

Governor of Puebla Miguel Barbosa finally addressed the scandal Only Monday after the child’s death made headlines across Mexico. He said the state attorney general’s office was investigating the incident.

Barbosa said: “This is a very serious matter. Lots of dirt will show up in [this investigation] and we will make it public once everything has been reviewed.


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