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THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The Narcotics Control Bureau (BNC) arrested two men from the state capital in separate cases of drug trafficking through courier service. The BCN identified the defendants as Akhil and Nishad. Both were receivers to whom the packages were addressed.
According to the NCB, the arrests were made as part of an investigation into the seizure of drugs sent by courier service from Bengaluru. On November 11, a team of BCN officials from the Bengaluru area office intercepted a package containing 40 g of methamphetamine, a dangerous designer drug. The package was to arrive at Akhil in Thiruvananthapuram. Following this lead, NCB officials reached the town and retrieved Akhil.
Nishad was arrested by officials from NCB’s sub-office in Kochi after intercepting another package in the same manner. This time, however, officials waited for the shipment to reach the recipient in Chirayinkeezhu before intercepting the package and apprehending the accused on November 16. The package contained 244 g of amphetamine, 25 patches of LSD and 2 g of methaqualone.
BCN authorities said the two captures were made following specific reports of the drug mafia using parcel services to smuggle contraband. However, they have not yet been able to make any apparent connection between Akhil and Nishad. Although their source of drug supply is from Bengaluru, they appear to be operating separate operations in Thiruvananthapuram, NCB sources said.
NCB officials also said the drug mafia could have opted for innovative modes such as courier services to smuggle contraband due to adverse weather conditions involving heavy rains and cyclones.
Methamphetamine / amphetamine and other synthetic drugs are very strong and dangerous stimulants. It is commonly used as a party drug. The side effects of these drugs are also very dangerous for the human body as they affect the central nervous system. Continued use can lead to heart problems, including heart attack, blackouts, hallucinations and seizures, according to a statement released by the NCB.
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