ERSE. The price proposal for light is the “oxygen tank” from January

“TWe are a cyclical price problem in the wholesale electricity and natural gas market. The electricity tariff proposal is an oxygen balloon to solve the problem from January, but we have to get there, ”said Pedro Verdelo during a parliamentary hearing.

The remaining member of the board of the Energy Services Regulatory Authority (ERSE) has been chosen to lead the energy sector regulator, succeeding Maria Cristina Portugal, who died on September 8.

According to the tariff proposal for domestic electricity consumers in the organized market, which was presented on Friday, the price of electricity is expected to increase by 0.2% next year, compared to the average for the year in course, but – if the two-phase increases are taken into account – the price of electricity offered will decrease by 3.4%.

However, to counter rising energy prices on the wholesale market, the ERSE on Monday approved a package of exceptional measures for the electricity and natural gas sectors, aimed at mitigating the negative impact. of this increase.

“To protect consumers and also to mitigate systemic risks, a package of measures have been proposed which we believe will resolve the problem in the short term in a transparent manner,” said the president-designate.

Part of the extraordinary measures, according to the official, are part of the so-called ‘toolbox’ approved by the European Commission, with potential measures that EU member states could adopt to exempt citizens at a time when electricity and gas prices are rising. reach the maximum.

Asked about the control of the marketing margins of fuels, a legislative initiative of the government to set limits, Pedro Verdelo stressed that “the regulation must comply with the law”.

Pass the law, this surveillance, and this surveillance [pela ERSE] He stressed that this will have to be done, and of course, if insufficient margins are revealed, outside of what is acceptable, as the legal mechanisms will be activated.

On Monday, the Minister of the Environment defended the “need” for the government to be able “to act on the sidelines” of the marketing of fuels to counter the rise in prices, even if there is “no possibility” of do it. And so.

“In terms of fuel, it is above all a question of ensuring questions of justice, and therefore it is not yet published or disseminated, but from the point of view of the government we really have to act on the sidelines, not only in the marketing, the gas pump, but many players from all sides are present at all stages of the process, ”said the Minister of the Environment and Climate Action.

On October 8, the Council of the Republic approved today the final text of a bill which allows the setting of maximum marketing margins for simple fuels and conditioned LPG.

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