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ISLAMABAD: Pakistani Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) president and opposition leader in the National Assembly, Shehbaz Sharif, strongly condemned the proposed 35% increase in gas tariffs and demanded a immediate cancellation of the plan.

The PML-N chairman’s response to the government’s proposed increase in gas tariffs comes with a statement in which he said these “tariff bombs” were dropped on the people because the government met the conditions of the budget. of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). , which was the consequence of the most terrible deal with the IMF.

“The government shamelessly lied to the whole nation about presenting a budget without new taxes. Every word PML-N uttered turned out to be true about the budget and financial policies of the disastrous government of Imran. PML-N has warned that there will be a tsunami of new taxes and inflation in the country after this budget fraud. The whole country has now seen how much of a joke this budget is, ”Shehbaz said in a statement here.

He said the unwarranted increase in gas tariffs was a mistake and called on Prime Minister Imran Khan’s government to stop crushing the masses with one act of cruelty after another.

He said the population no longer had the capacity to bear an additional financial burden and that with its vicious measures the PTI government was pushing the country into civil war.

He said no tariff increase would solve the country’s financial problems, as the main reason for the economic turmoil was the “corruption and incompetence” of the Imran government.

This increase in electricity and gas prices would only make life worse for the population.

This would lead to a chain reaction of inflation, which would increase the price of chapatti (bread).

They raised the electricity tariff by 5 rupees earlier this week and that increase in gas tariffs, on top of 141% earlier, would drive the final nail into the coffin, he said.

He added that the government caused “September 11 of the Pakistani economy” and is now doing a “Torabora of the nation” with the incessant increase in the rate of inflation. This shows that this government has not even understood the A, B, C of economic policies. Imran should spare the nation and instead of committing mass murders of Pakistanis, should resign and return home. Why should people pay the price for Imran’s incompetence, inability and ignorance?

He said the government said the tariff hike would end the debt of the gas companies, but the truth is that these companies were more in debt than at any time.

It had been two years, but these companies had neither completed their audits nor made their accounts public, he said.

Even the gas companies have been destroyed by Imran’s incompetence, he said.

Pakistan today supplied the most expensive LNG in the world and had the highest electricity and gas tariffs in the region, thanks to Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Pakistan is now among the countries with the highest inflation rate and the lowest incomes, he said.

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