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The main narrative revolves around CO2 emissions which should be brought down to zero by some time, after which we should be saved, the climate fixed, and all issues resolved. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Man is ruining nature in different ways, with bodies of water filling up with garbage and toxins, land spilled over for resources and chimneys spewing out other gases many of which are far more toxic and dangerous than CO2 .

The list goes on, but you already know the many ways humans destroy the natural environment. Hiding all these activities under the aegis of CO2 will allow us to stay the course, without having to pay the CO2 tax and buy allowances.

Transport far from being the main source of pollution

The European Green Deal details the following plan: reduce emissions by 55% from 1990 levels by 2050, create jobs and economic growth, reduce energy poverty, reduce dependence on energy from domestic sources. outside the EU and improve people’s health and well-being. being.

I wouldn’t recommend this controversial nonsense, even to my enemies, because while it would be nice if we could cut emissions by almost half by 2050, it won’t happen through job creation, economic growth. and cheaper energy. On the contrary, all are things that stimulate consumption, which translates into even more intensive use of resources which in turn means more natural devastation, pollution and destruction.

You cannot protect the environment by printing money because the money will end up in consumption when it arrives. The more money in circulation, the more important everything we consume. The Covid pandemic has added 30% to the amount of money available. The economy continues to grow and the environment continues to perish.

This is where we need to dust off the old realization that the economy cannot continue to grow indefinitely under conditions of limited resources. We only have one planet and finite resources that are quickly depleting, especially given population growth. The number of people on this planet has more than doubled in my lifetime.

The floods are said to have put green topics on the agenda in Germany. Politico analyzed the relevant election promises of the four main parties. They are all quite similar. The top four players seemingly have a green mindset, while their rhetoric still focuses primarily on CO2, with an emphasis on transport which is not the biggest source of CO2 emissions.

There are debates over whether we should ban planes, build railroads everywhere, ban cars, or limit highway speeds to 130 kilometers per hour. Then you come across the slogan of an environmental party for a packaging deposit system and you say to yourself: God, you don’t even have a packaging reuse system and you talk about speed limits on the freeway which, admittedly. , would reduce CO2 emissions, while the effect would be a fraction of a fraction.

Germany is the ruling force of the EU and what happens in German politics is happening in the EU, which means that the tendency is to hide all the other issues and activities behind carbon and to talk mainly about the cars as the root of all evil as it is something the voter can understand.

CO2 has become a political weapon

If you look at the CO2 content in the atmosphere over a very long period of time, the only time it was as low as it is now was around 300 million years ago, that is, when the climate was as cool as it is today.

The most important greenhouse gas is water vapor or clouds which affect temperature the most. I haven’t seen any political slogan for banning vaporization or for a machine that could clear the sky of clouds. I saw a project of ships that could produce new clouds. Everyone knows that if a cloud blocks the sun, the weather gets cooler and it gets hotter when the sky is overcast at night.

The coronavirus put the whole world in lockdown last spring. This kind of transport stasis cannot be caused by regulations. Planes around the world were grounded, people stayed at home, cars stayed parked, and several factories were closed. The total amount of CO2 in the atmosphere has not been reduced but has continued to increase.

Looking at the Mauna Loa Observatory graphs, we can see CO2 dropping every year as our boreal forests turn green, while halting transportation and economy have failed to produce this effect.

However, the effect has been colossal for the oil industry. All the barrels and tanks were full of oil and the price fell into the red for the first time in history, with people being paid to come and get some of it. Human activity is linked to petroleum in all its aspects, it is our main source of energy and there is no product that is exempt from it because transport even from factory to store is not can be overlooked. Only wild mushrooms or potatoes from the garden are oil-free.

Capturing CO2 does not require the invention of a machine. All the green plants are happy to do it for us. We should let forests grow instead of burning them for energy.

We can continue to drive our gasoline cars for a while, while a change of clean energy is needed anyway as the oil reserves will eventually run out, which is why the continued development of various sources of clean energy makes sense.

Unfortunately, biomass is considered a renewable energy source in the EU’s vision at the moment, which means that its use to generate electricity or heat is subsidized. The approach is just as misguided as destroying tropical forests to make way for oil palms used to make biofuel additives.

Its effect on the environment is far worse than using pure fossil fuels, with entire ecosystems destroyed so Europeans can feel greener by refueling with bioadditive fuel. Fortunately, some of our fuel retailers have found a way around this practice, when this nonsense still has no political solution and should be stopped immediately.

CO2 has become a political weapon, just like democracy, human rights, minority rights, conservatism, liberalism, capitalism, the communist, etc. The customs of CO2 are used to impose conditions on hostile states, while they do nothing to reduce total pollution.

The clinker used to make the cement is no longer made in Kunda. It is produced elsewhere that has no CO2 quotas. But the chimney is spewing smoke somewhere. The air knows no borders, and if we can be reached by the dust of the Sahara, we can be reached by these fumes.

While Danes may feel greener by burning our forests in their stoves because they don’t have forests of their own, we should look at ourselves in the mirror and ask ourselves whether we absolutely need to cut down our forests or maybe should we slow down.

Selling ten cubic meters of timber annually from one hectare of forest that produces three cubic meters per year is not wise. Every child understands that the forest will eventually run out this way, as we twist and try to classify the statistics to keep people from realizing that we have been doing this for some time now.

Most of our forests are still a common property, mine, yours and that of every Estonian citizen whom some nevertheless treat as their private property. It has to stop.

However, the CO2 circus must be seen from afar, bearing in mind that this is a big deal and a political bludgeon for some which unfortunately does not help much and we on the contrary, moves away from the right path. Let’s take care of our nature, our woods, our land, our birds, our animals and our fish as it can help us through difficult times. I’m sure nature will provide if we can do this.

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