More young people could be involved in smuggling gold gangs, police say


Eight people from Cherpulassery were arrested after the road accident in Ramanattukara on Monday morning

Many other youths were believed to have been involved in gold smuggling gangs whose activities were partly exposed with the crash that killed five people in Ramanattukara on Monday morning.

Although eight people from Cherpulassery have been arrested, police say they have yet to find good leads to reach the kingpins of the gangs. Two people escaped from the scene shortly after the accident.

Those in custody were Saleem P., 29; Moubashir M., 27 years old; Mohammed Fayas, 29 years old; Suhail M., 24 years old; Fasal C., 24 years old; Mustafa V., 26 years old; Shanid KV, 32 years old; and Hassan PP, 35 years old.

“Most of the reports we read about the incident on social media and in local newspapers were either spicy or cooked up. Even the story of the exchange of gunfire between the Koduvally and Cherpulassery gangs was false. Nothing like that happened. What really happened was a planned dacoity that resulted in a chase, but no fighting took place between them, ”said Sujith Das S., district police superintendent.

Police said two of the five dead had criminal records. There have been cases against Nasar Vadakkethil, 28, and Thahir Shah, 21, at the Cherpulassery and Koppam police stations. Police said they were involved in an attack on a house in Mappattukara.

Mr Das said those in custody went to cover the gang with smuggling gold. Gangs based in Koduvally and other parts of the state were likely to lay dormant for a few weeks. Police said they would also investigate possible links between smuggling gold and drug trafficking in the state.


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