Inhumane electricity tariff increase, according to SUCI (C)


The Socialist Unity Center of India (Communist) strongly condemned the rise in electricity tariffs in the state, which is expected to be implemented retrospectively from April 1, calling it inhumane.

In a press release here Thursday, SUCI (C) Dharwad District Secretary Ramanjanappa Aldalli said the decision to increase the electricity tariff by an average of 30 paise per unit and increase the deposit is just another blow to people who have already lost their source of income due to the lockdown induced by COVID-19.

“At a time when there are cases of abolishing the payment of electricity and water bills to alleviate the suffering of the population, the decision of the state government to implement the tariff increase of the ‘electricity, also with retroactive effect, is highly reprehensible,’ he said.

KERC should have asked electricity distribution companies to take strict measures to control revenue theft, corruption, wasteful spending, and transmission and distribution losses. “The state, on the one hand, grants a derisory sum as aid and on the other hand, it imposes an additional burden on the population by increasing electricity tariffs and oil prices”, a- he declared.

Mr Aldalli said: “If this is the pricing situation for electricity, even though it is under government control, imagine what will happen if it is privatized. One of the demands of the farmers who have been agitating the borders of New Delhi for six months is that the privatization of electricity be abandoned. The people of the state must support the farmers in their agitation.

SUCI (C) will urge the state government to take immediate action to prevent the implementation of the order to increase electricity tariffs. Otherwise, the people will be forced to take the path of unrest, he said.


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