Trump demands 100% tariffs on Chinese goods, debt cancellation and $ 10,000 in reparations for COVID-19


Donald trump returned to the GOP political scene on Saturday with a speech at the North Carolina Republican Convention, where he called on China to pay “reparations” to the United States for coronavirus-related damage.

“All nations should work together to present China with a bill of at least $ 10 trillion to compensate for the damage,” Trump said, adding that the figure was lower than it should be. “As a first step, all countries should collectively cancel any debt they owe China as a down payment on reparations,” he said.

Trump said he also believes the United States should impose a 100% tariff on all products imported from China.

In a lengthy speech on Saturday night, the former president echoed the sentiments of Republicans on the Hill and sued infectious disease specialist Anthony Fauci for reversing his stance on the importance of wearing masks at the start of the pandemic.

“Fauci said forcefully at the start, no masks,” Trump chided on Saturday. “Then he became a radical masker,” he said.

“Take a pair of glasses,” he added as the conservative crowd laughed.

Trump, widely known for his own branding, mocked Fauci for his.

“He’s a nice guy, not a great doctor, but a great promoter,” Trump said, laughing more. “He was wrong on almost every problem.”

“Generally speaking, I went the opposite way to Dr Fauci,” Trump added.

But as the virus escalated across the country, he and other senior officials reversed their guidelines and advised all Americans to wear masks in public spaces.

Trump also reiterated unproven claims about the integrity of the 2020 election – comments that led to Trump’s Facebook ban for two years.

The former president claimed that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg “broke the law by spending millions of dollars” to encourage voting in Democratic-ruled areas of the country, he said.

Trump has expressed frustration at what he believes is a systematic attack on the law by blocking the posts and accounts of those who suggest the election was “rigged.”

“They say they could let me come back in two years,” Trump said. Adding: “I’m not too interested in this.”


Despite some of the biggest problems the nation faces, Trump has at times kept his speech jovial, commenting on the rapid growth of his youngest son.

The baron is 6’7 “and is still only 15 years old, Trump told supporters, joking that his eldest son Eric” is short. “

“He’s only 6’6”, but we love our Eric, “Trump added with a laugh.

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